Mohammed Al Mamun is a professional content writer, copywriter, graphic designer, and entrepreneur. His articles and blogs have appeared in local and international websites such as Green Health & Wellness Cannabis Treatment Center, Tech Gadgets Canada, Broker Choices, Best Trampoline Reviews, PMR Sourcing, Northridge Reupholstery, California Upholstery, and more.


Al Mamun currently serves as a senior writer for Orbeen, a local outsourcing and digital marketing agency. He also serves as head of content management for StarlitDevs, a Bangkok-based information technology & services startup.


Al Mamun also works full-time providing his content writing and copywriting services at Upwork, the world’s leading freelancing platform. He is also a regular contributor at Best Trampoline Review, Broker Choices, and a guest blogger at Tech & Gadget News & Reviews.


Al Mamun is a thought leader and an expert on content creation and executing effective content development and curation strategies to reach the targeted audience. He holds a master’s degree in finance from the University of Information Technology & Sciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh, as well as a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Independent University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He also pursued further certifications from APTIS, The British Council, and Udemy.